If you are interested in our products or have any problems about them, you are welcome to consult us. We will provide you with detailed information including the features and application areas.

Solution design
We can provide economic and practical solutions according to your requirements. Various kinds of test equipment are available, so that you can test the performance of the solutions.

Equipment arrangement design
We can help design the equipment arrangement in your plants, and propose suitable public infrastructure conditions

Detailed information informing
We will let you know the production progress regularly.
The detailed structure of the machine, such as technique condition, screw combination and barrel arrangement, will be fully discussed during the production process.

After-sales service
1. Installation and running-in service. Our technicians will provide on-site installation service and running-in service, ensuring the machine is properly installed and works well.

2. Training. We provide training service so that your workers can operate the machine properly.

3. Detailed document. Every client will be documented so that we can provide better service in future.

4. Replacement for easily-worn components. The machine comes with a variety of replacement for easily-worn components. So there is no need to worry about the machine’s malfunction due to the breaking-down of some accessories.

5. Equipment adjusting. When you are planning to produce new products, we are glad to help you adjust the machine if you want.

6. Regular revisiting system. We will revisit our clients regularly, so that we can collect clients’ feedbacks for our further improvement.