Plastic Recycling Line

The key technology of the large-scale recycling line—super large area on-line melt flushing filter (patent technology)

Technology and advantage
1. The effective area of the filter is 10 times larger than normal dual-plunger screen exchanger, while the dimension of the screen exchangers is basically the same. So in the same working situation, the interval between two times of changing of the filters is 10 times longer than before. In another word, at the same interval, the filter has the potential to handle 10 times more material. Large amount of filter changing work and labor source consumption will be saved in terms of unit production capacity.
2. The well designed screen exchanger can remove the impurities on the filter screen by on-line reverse flushing immediately when the filter screen plunger is removed. Thus no replacement is needed for filter screen reactivation and recycling. This advanced function will upgrade “screen exchanger” to “on-line melt reverse flushing filter”.
3. The unique filter screen can reduce the risk that impurities get stuck in the mesh, extending the filter screen’s service life. The filter screen can serve for as long as months or years according to different working situations. So the economic profit for clients is remarkable.
4. The specially designed pre-filling structure can keep supplying material and extruding when you are cleaning the mesh. The plunger in the screen exchanger can always automatically reset according to the program, except when people are cleaning the impurities manually. So the operation now becomes quite simple, and the pelletizing process will have higher yield.

1. Our filter flushing technique, combined with twin screw technique, can achieve high productivity (1-2 ton/h) when handling large impurity content recycling material.
2. This filter cleaning technique can provide key solution for the updating of various kinds of existing recycling material extruder.
3. In the plastic recycling field, this technique could promote the small-scale manufacturing to a larger scale, or more effective and industrial level. Thus the recycling industry could be more efficient and profitable and benefit the environmental protection remarkably.

  • Recycled and crushed PS material
  • PS recycling and pelletizing line with a production
    capacity of 1-1.5 ton/hour
  • Qualified finished product
  • Melt filter with huge effective filtering area
  • Recycling line with huge filtering area melt filer