Company Profile

CHUANGBO Machinery is a trusted provider of screw extrusion equipment. We are a China-based manufacturer that is well known for high cost-performance products such as the twin-screw extruder, twin-rotor continuous mixer, and the two-stage screw extruder. In addition to standard configurations, the twin-screw extruder is also available in high torque, high volume, and high performance models. We can provide complete sets of high-polymer production lines including the co-rotating twin screw pelletizing line. These production lines are designed for the efficient processing of high-polymer compounding and modification. Modification procedures may include reactive extrusion and post-extrusion treatments. Associated parts and components can be provided upon request.

Our company was founded in 2008 by a dedicated professional with over 30 years of production and development experience. We were the first manufacturer in the domestic industry to establish a modern processing and manufacturing platform that includes the implementation of a core CNC machining center. This advantageous configuration allows us to effectively integrate elements of design, production, and application.

Our staff of 130 includes an outstanding ensemble of design, production, management, and service personnel. They can provide installation and calibration services as well as custom product solutions to accommodate the individual requirements of each customer. Through personalized consultations we will recommend suitable products based on factors such as manufacturing scope and production budget. CHUANGBO offers a diverse selection of materials including the nitriding steel and PM material (HIP). Both the corrosion and abrasion-resistance of our equipment can be customizable to suit customer specifications. The safety requirements of our twin-rotor continuous mixer, two-stage screw extruder, and other products are ensured by experienced QA consultants.

Thirty years of invaluable experience and long-term cooperation with the largest forging and processing base in Nanjing, which is capable of handling a maximum single-unit forging tonnage of up to 8 tons, have allowed us to establish an optimized system for development, production, and distribution. Our products are available worldwide in countries including America, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Iran, India, Thailand, Syria, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Korea, etc.