1. Reactive Extrusion Line When dealing with a reaction system with high viscosity, twin screw extruder has overwhelming advantages due to its great heat and mass transfer performance, excellent interface renewing ability, narrow residence time distribution, large specific surface for devolatilization, and low threshold for continuous operation.
    1. Post-extrusion Line According to different techniques, we usually need to separate, remove and recycle the water, solvent, monomer, oligomer, by-product residue and unstable end group from undried powder, colloid solution and other solutions, and melt material after the reaction. Sometimes, we need to add various kinds of additive for refining and homogenization. All these steps belong to the post-treatment operation of the polymerization.
    1. Plastic Compounding Line The complete TSB-95 lines, including conveying, dosing, extruding, pelletizing, and packing process, for Qilu Petrochemical company
    1. One-step Sheet Forming Line In the past 20 years, the core technology team of Chuangbo has been innovating the infusion technology of twin screw technique with biodegradable materials production and engineering technologies. The co-rotation screw one-step sheet forming technology and equipment are successfully developed.
    1. Plastic Recycling Line The effective area of the filter is 10 times larger than normal dual-plunger screen exchanger, while the dimension of the screen exchangers is basically the same. So in the same working situation, the interval between two times of changing of the filters is 10 times longer than before.
    1. Fluoroplastic Compounding Line The improvement of anti-corrosion special type barrel structure makes the machine meet more production requirements. The optimized barrel structure and cooling technique has enhanced the machine’s effectiveness. Special sealing material and structure solution have been adopted for the main structure of the machine.
    1. Special Production Line UHMWPE solution spinning production line (TSB-135, L/D=68)

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