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    1. TSB-18 Screw Extruder

      TSB-18 standard twin screw extruder is usually used for lab-scale or small-scale production. We can provide custom products or make proper recommendation according to your production capacity and budget.

    1. TSB-25 Screw ExtruderThe TSB series standard twin screw extruder has strengthened regular torques. With 5-6 N·m/cm3 torque and max. 600 r/min screw speed, TSB series standard twin screw extrusion machine can provide great performance in the mixing process of most kinds of plastic material.
    1. TSB-35 Screw ExtruderThe TSB-35 standard screw extruder is typically suitable for lab-scale (formula test) and small-scale production in terms of 1) the blending of different combinations of plastic and modifier to obtain desirable modified plastic
    1. TSB-40 Screw ExtruderIf you have specific requirements for consistent quality rather than high production capacity, TSB-40 standard twin screw extruder will be a great choice.
    1. TSB-52 Screw ExtruderThe TSB-52 standard twin screw extruder adopted the BRT twin screw design solution. So it has remarkable advantages when dealing with engineer plastic compounding.
    1. TSB-65 Screw ExtruderThe TSB-65 standard twin screw extruder comprise two types of products, which have different torques and production capacity. We can make our recommendation according to your requirements for production capacity and budget.
    1. TSB-75 Screw ExtruderTSB-75 twin screw extrusion machine comprises two types of products with different power, speed, and production capacity for different needs. The cover of the products is made from stainless steel, making the appearance beautiful and concise.
    1. TSB-85 Screw ExtruderTSB-85 standard twin screw extruder features low noise level, great stability, high loading capacity, and long service life. Custom screw types are available for different types of twin screw extrusion unit according to the processing material and techniques.
    1. TSB-95 Screw Extruder

      The temperature control during the production is more precise. Our creative compulsory side feeding system in the twin screw extrusion equipment is suitable for a wider range of materials.

    1. TSB-135 Screw ExtruderThe material cylinder of our synclastic parallel twin screw extruder is designed according to the building block principle. The length/diameter ratio, material cylinder structure, screw array type of the twin screw extrusion unit are customizable for your needs.
    1. TSH-25 Screw ExtruderTSH-25 high Torque twin screw extruder is manufactured with advanced CNC equipment. Its parameters and design have been continuously optimized and upgraded.
    1. TSH-35 Screw ExtruderOur latest design of twin screw reduction gearbox ensured perfect self-balance during the power distribution and transmission. With this breakthrough, the power output or our high torque twin screw extruder nearly doubled and the torque gradient coefficient has increased to 9.0 from 5.5.
    1. TSH-40 Screw ExtruderTSH-40 high torque twin screw extruder comes with ultra-high torque distribution case and corresponding lubrication system, and a torque limiter (optional). The application range and production capacity are greatly enhanced.
    1. TSH-52 Screw ExtruderComparing to the traditional low torque extruder, TSH-52 high torque twin screw extruder, just like other TSH series products, comes with much improvement such as lower power consumption, higher production capacity, and better precision.
    1. TSH-65 Screw ExtruderChuangbo developed the high torque parallel co-rotating twin screw to expand the application range of our TSH series high torque twin screw extrusion unit.
    1. TSH-75 Screw Extruder

      The TSH-75 high torque twin screw extruder is wildly used for 1) the pelletizing of some high polymers (e.g. the master batch and the material could be achieved by blending different combinations of polymer and modifier), 2) extrusion molding, 3) and reactive extrusion.

    1. TSH-85 Screw ExtruderTSH series products including TSH-85 high torque twin screw extruder has been improved continuously. They now come with a number of advantages
    1. TSH-95 Screw ExtruderAs the most competitive products of Chuangbo, the TSH series including TSH-95 high torque twin screw extruder combines high performance and reasonable price.
    1. TSH-135 Screw ExtruderAmong the TSH series products, the TSH-135 high torque twin screw extruder has the highest torque and productivity. Its production capacity reaches 3000-5000 kg/h.
    1. TSS-52 Extrusion MachineIn comparison to the traditional low torque extruder, TSS series products including TSS-52 high torque twin screw extruder come with much improvement such as lower power consumption, higher production capacity, and better precision.
    1. TSS-65 Extrusion MachineThe TSS series high performance twin screw extruder, including this TSS-65 extruder, comes with imported high torque gear box, making the extruder more reliable.
    1. TSS-75 Extrusion MachineThe screw and barrel are designed on the basis of modularization concept. Customer can use them in different combinations according to the technique requirements.
    1. TSS-95 Extrusion MachineCustom products are available according to your requirements. The machine can be made of material like nitriding steel or PM material (HIP). The wear resistance and anti-corrosion performance are also customizable.
    1. TSV-44 Extrusion Equipment The screw combination is designed with the concept of modularization, while the length/diameter ratio ranges from 32 to 68. You can change the screw combination according to the different target materials.
    1. TSV-55 Extrusion EquipmentThe TSV-55 high volume twin screw extruder comes with optimized design and CNC machine processed key components. The precision of the screw is remarkably enhanced, and its self-clean performance is quite outstanding.
    1. TSV-66 Extrusion EquipmentThe TSV-66 high volume twin screw extruder comes with a parallel co-rotating twin screw, which is traditionally recognized as a low-speed and low shearing force component. With our continuous research, however, the kneading shear force is greatly lowered and the screw elements are improved. The parallel co-rotating twin screw in our twin screw extrusion machine , now, can work at a high speed, leading to more and more breakthroughs.
    1. TSV-77 Extrusion EquipmentThe TSV-77 high volume twin screw extruder is typically suitable for 1) the material with high content of filling, 2) fluffy material, 3) and reactive extrusion. The features of the TSV-77 twin screw extrusion equipment include high material volume and high torque.
    1. TSV-86 Extrusion EquipmentAll the systems of our TSV-86 twin screw extrusion have been well designed. The driving system, transmission system, screw system, control system, and the pelletizing technique are all reliable and productive.
    1. TSV-100 Extrusion EquipmentThe TSV twin screw extruder has high volume and high torque, so the productivity is greatly enhanced. The energy efficiency is also quite satisfactory.
    1. TSC-52/120 Screw Extruder

      In the TSC-52/120 series two-stage screw extruder, the material will be mixed by the twin screw extrusion unit, and then extruded down to the single screw extruder. At the stage two, material will be mixed at high pressure, followed by the pelletizing at a lowered temperature.

    1. TSC-52/150 Screw ExtruderLike the other types of two-stage screw extruder, TSC-52/150 extrusion machine is mainly used for the mixing, modifying, and pelletizing of thermal sensitive materials such as the PVC cable sheath, XLPE, medical grade soft PVC material
    1. TSC-65/150 Screw ExtruderTSC series two-stage screw extruder is our latest product line. The torque level of the twin screw has been increased, while the production capacity and energy efficiency are remarkably enhanced.
    1. TSC-65/180 Screw ExtruderThe TSC-65/180 two-stage screw extruder is based on the advanced foreign technologies, which has been remarkably renovated by us. The extrusion unit now is controlled by a PLC system, thus the automation level is really high and the mixing performance is quite satisfactory.
    1. TSC-75/180 Screw ExtruderTSC-75/180 two-stage screw extruder has been greatly optimized according to the practical situation in the production.
    1. TSC-75/200 Screw ExtruderTSC-75/200 two stage screw extruder is used for the processing of different kinds of thermal sensitive or shear-force sensitive material, such as PVC, XLPE, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable sheath and some kinds of shielding material.
    1. TSC-95/200 Screw ExtruderIf you want to process some kinds of hard material, the TSC-95/200 two-stage screw extruder will be a great choice. This extrusion machine comes with two set of parameter combinations, which have been listed in the form below for your reference.
  • Twin-Rotor Continuous Mixer

    The twin-rotor continuous mixer can achieve continuous production property in addition to the traditional mixer’s great mixing performance and wider parameter setting range.

  • Barrel and Screw MaterialSintered alloy produced with HIP technique is a kind of high quality material, which features high density, segregation-free, micropore defect free.
    1. Feeding and Dosing SystemGravimetric feeders is another device for feeding and dosing system. It can control material flow by precise weight control of the fed material, so greater feed accuracy is achieved.
    1. Pelletizing SystemOur extrusion pelletizing systems can be designed to process all types of polymer. We can recommend proper pelletizing technology to meet your needs for the virgin resin production and compounding, scrap reclaim, and other process conditions, contributing to maximize your productivity and profit.