1. TSC-52/120 Screw Extruder

      In the TSC-52/120 series two-stage screw extruder, the material will be mixed by the twin screw extrusion unit, and then extruded down to the single screw extruder. At the stage two, material will be mixed at high pressure, followed by the pelletizing at a lowered temperature.

    1. TSC-52/150 Screw ExtruderLike the other types of two-stage screw extruder, TSC-52/150 extrusion machine is mainly used for the mixing, modifying, and pelletizing of thermal sensitive materials such as the PVC cable sheath, XLPE, medical grade soft PVC material
    1. TSC-65/150 Screw ExtruderTSC series two-stage screw extruder is our latest product line. The torque level of the twin screw has been increased, while the production capacity and energy efficiency are remarkably enhanced.
    1. TSC-65/180 Screw ExtruderThe TSC-65/180 two-stage screw extruder is based on the advanced foreign technologies, which has been remarkably renovated by us. The extrusion unit now is controlled by a PLC system, thus the automation level is really high and the mixing performance is quite satisfactory.
    1. TSC-75/180 Screw ExtruderTSC-75/180 two-stage screw extruder has been greatly optimized according to the practical situation in the production.
    1. TSC-75/200 Screw ExtruderTSC-75/200 two stage screw extruder is used for the processing of different kinds of thermal sensitive or shear-force sensitive material, such as PVC, XLPE, low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable sheath and some kinds of shielding material.
    1. TSC-95/200 Screw ExtruderIf you want to process some kinds of hard material, the TSC-95/200 two-stage screw extruder will be a great choice. This extrusion machine comes with two set of parameter combinations, which have been listed in the form below for your reference.

TSC Series Two-Stage Screw Extruder

The TSC series two-stage screw extruder is the latest product line of Chuangbo. The torque level of the twin screw has been increased, and the processing technique is divided into two stages. Thus the material can be processed individually and more effectively at each stage for different purposes. The production capacity and energy efficiency of the TSC twin screw extrusion equipment are remarkably enhanced. The TSC series products are typically suitable for the process of thermal sensitive material and shear-sensitive material, such as PVC, XLPE, cable sheath with low smoke zero halogen flame retardant, and some kinds of shielding materials.

The two processing stages of the TSC twin screw extrusion machine are as follows:
Stage one: The TSB and TSH series co-rotating twin screw mixers are able to take advantage of the high speed, high shear force and great mixing power of the machine to shorten the residence time of the material in the mixer. The whole plasticization and mixing process is completed with our extrusion pressure due to the absence of extrusion die.

Stage two: The SE series single screw extruder’s low speed gives low shear force, so the high temperature during the extrusion is avoided and consequently the plastified material won’t decompose. The ranges for the processing parameters are extended, while the temperature is under precision control. Thus more techniques can be used with the TSC series two-stage screw extruder, and the productivity will be greatly enhanced.