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Two-Stage Twin Screw Extruder

In the TSC-52/120 series two-stage screw extruder, the material will be mixed by the twin screw extrusion unit, and then extruded down to the single screw extruder. At the stage two, material will be mixed at high pressure, followed by the pelletizing at a lowered temperature. The extruders in the two stages are installed in a “T” shape.

At stage one, the material will be delivered, mixed, plastified and sheared. The whole process is conducted with no extrusion pressure caused by the extrusion dies. High temperature will be avoided due to the strong shearing, so the productivity is greatly enhanced. At the stage two, the extruder will cool the material, increase the pressure and complete the pelletizing of the material. The two extruder work together closely and more parameters can be adjusted for different purposes. The TSC-52/120 series two-stage screw extruder is suitable for the processing of materials like PVC-based cable sheath, various kinds of transparent materials, PE-related cross-linking materials, PE-based cable sheath and the some foam material for the shoe sole.

The highlighted part in the form below is the parameters of the TSC-52/120 two-stage screw extrusion facility. The rest part detailed the other models of the TSC series products. Custom products are available according to your requirements, such as those for production capacity and materials.

Type Diameter (mm) L/D Screw speed (r/min) Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h)
TSC-52/120 TSB-52 51.4 24~48 500 45 100~300
SE-120 120 7~20 85 30~37
TSC-52/150 TSH-52 51.4 24~48 600 90 200~500
SE-150 150 7~20 85 37~45
TSC-65/150 TSB-65 62.4 24~48 500 75 200~500
SE-150 150 7~20 85 37~45
TSC-65/180 TSH-65 62.4 24~48 600 160 400~1000
SE-180 180 7~20 85 45~55
TSC-75/180 TSB-75 71 24~48 500 110 400~800
SE-180 180 7~20 85 45~55
TSC-75/200 TSH-75 71 24~48 600 250 700~1500
SE-200 200 7~20 85 55~75
TSC-95/200 TSB-95 93 24~48 400 200~250 700~1500
SE-200 200 7~20 85 55~75
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