1. TSH-25 Screw ExtruderTSH-25 high Torque twin screw extruder is manufactured with advanced CNC equipment. Its parameters and design have been continuously optimized and upgraded.
    1. TSH-35 Screw ExtruderOur latest design of twin screw reduction gearbox ensured perfect self-balance during the power distribution and transmission. With this breakthrough, the power output or our high torque twin screw extruder nearly doubled and the torque gradient coefficient has increased to 9.0 from 5.5.
    1. TSH-40 Screw ExtruderTSH-40 high torque twin screw extruder comes with ultra-high torque distribution case and corresponding lubrication system, and a torque limiter (optional). The application range and production capacity are greatly enhanced.
    1. TSH-52 Screw ExtruderComparing to the traditional low torque extruder, TSH-52 high torque twin screw extruder, just like other TSH series products, comes with much improvement such as lower power consumption, higher production capacity, and better precision.
    1. TSH-65 Screw ExtruderChuangbo developed the high torque parallel co-rotating twin screw to expand the application range of our TSH series high torque twin screw extrusion unit.
    1. TSH-75 Screw Extruder

      The TSH-75 high torque twin screw extruder is wildly used for 1) the pelletizing of some high polymers (e.g. the master batch and the material could be achieved by blending different combinations of polymer and modifier), 2) extrusion molding, 3) and reactive extrusion.

    1. TSH-85 Screw ExtruderTSH series products including TSH-85 high torque twin screw extruder has been improved continuously. They now come with a number of advantages
    1. TSH-95 Screw ExtruderAs the most competitive products of Chuangbo, the TSH series including TSH-95 high torque twin screw extruder combines high performance and reasonable price.
    1. TSH-135 Screw ExtruderAmong the TSH series products, the TSH-135 high torque twin screw extruder has the highest torque and productivity. Its production capacity reaches 3000-5000 kg/h.

TSH Series High Torque Twin Screw Extruder

Haven’t you find an extruder that combines high performance and reasonable price? You can not miss the TSH series high torque twin screw extruder from Chuangbo. The high torque gives higher productivity, because the production capacity is enhanced, while the labor cost and power consumption are lowered. The product quality is also improved.

The self-developed high torque transmission case give our twin screw extrusion machine additional advantages—the high torque twin screw extruder can produce twice more products than regular twin screw extruders at the same speed.

The features of our high torque transmission case in the twin screw extrusion facility are as follows:
1. It comes with our latest patented design: 1) the decelerating device and torque distribution device are integrated; 2) the design of shafting and bearing is optimized, leading to 30% carrying ability enhancement comparing to the traditional design; 3) key transverse bearings can serves much longer—the service life could reach 20,000 hours or above.
2. The key gears are made of great material. The surface of the gears is hardened—the hardness can reach HRC58-62, while the precision of the gear grinding reaches level 6.
3. The transverse bearings are purchased from world-class companies such as NSK from Japan.
4. The transmission case is manufactured with CNC machining center, achieving an excellent precision.
5. The bath-oiling device comes with compulsory recirculating cooling system, auxiliary spraying device, compulsory filtration system, and reliable oil supply system, so the whole lubrication system works just perfectly.
6. The oil seal of the input shaft and output shaft is ordered from famous international companies.
7. The laser shaft aligner is used for the alignment of the input shaft coupling, assuring the precision assembling of the twin screw extruder.

Typical configuration
1. Screw material: nitriding steel, wear resistance tool steel or PM material (HIP)
2. Barrel material: nitriding steel, wear resistance tool steel barrel liner structure.
3. We mainly choose self-developed high torque transmission, imported key bearings and domestic/imported safety coupling device.
4. Strengthened machine body is designed in accordance with high torque loading
5. Automatic electronic test equipment: high-end regular instrumentation, or computer with touch screen control system; World famous companies or their JVs are chosen to be our suppliers.
6. Critical components such as the barrel, screw components, transmission case and connectors are produced by CNC machining center.