1. TSB-18 Screw Extruder

      TSB-18 standard twin screw extruder is usually used for lab-scale or small-scale production. We can provide custom products or make proper recommendation according to your production capacity and budget.

    1. TSB-25 Screw ExtruderThe TSB series standard twin screw extruder has strengthened regular torques. With 5-6 N·m/cm3 torque and max. 600 r/min screw speed, TSB series standard twin screw extrusion machine can provide great performance in the mixing process of most kinds of plastic material.
    1. TSB-35 Screw ExtruderThe TSB-35 standard screw extruder is typically suitable for lab-scale (formula test) and small-scale production in terms of 1) the blending of different combinations of plastic and modifier to obtain desirable modified plastic
    1. TSB-40 Screw ExtruderIf you have specific requirements for consistent quality rather than high production capacity, TSB-40 standard twin screw extruder will be a great choice.
    1. TSB-52 Screw ExtruderThe TSB-52 standard twin screw extruder adopted the BRT twin screw design solution. So it has remarkable advantages when dealing with engineer plastic compounding.
    1. TSB-65 Screw ExtruderThe TSB-65 standard twin screw extruder comprise two types of products, which have different torques and production capacity. We can make our recommendation according to your requirements for production capacity and budget.
    1. TSB-75 Screw ExtruderTSB-75 twin screw extrusion machine comprises two types of products with different power, speed, and production capacity for different needs. The cover of the products is made from stainless steel, making the appearance beautiful and concise.
    1. TSB-85 Screw ExtruderTSB-85 standard twin screw extruder features low noise level, great stability, high loading capacity, and long service life. Custom screw types are available for different types of twin screw extrusion unit according to the processing material and techniques.
    1. TSB-95 Screw Extruder

      The temperature control during the production is more precise. Our creative compulsory side feeding system in the twin screw extrusion equipment is suitable for a wider range of materials.

    1. TSB-135 Screw ExtruderThe material cylinder of our synclastic parallel twin screw extruder is designed according to the building block principle. The length/diameter ratio, material cylinder structure, screw array type of the twin screw extrusion unit are customizable for your needs.

TSB Series Standard Twin Screw Extruder

The TSB series standard twin screw extruder from Chuangbo has strengthened regular torques. This series of products can be used for the mixing process of most kinds of plastic material. The 5-6 N·m/cm3 torque and max. 600 r/min screw speed of this series of twin screw extrusion machine provide excellent plastic mixing performance. Besides, the price is quite competitive, making it popular with a number of clients.

Typical Configuration
1. Self-made transmission case, imported bearings for key positions, domestic/imported self-coupling;
2. Strengthened machine in accordance with high torque
3. Automatic electronic test equipment: high-end regular instrument or computer with touch screen. The electric test components in the twin screw extruding machine are world famous brands, some of which are from their JVs in China.
4. All the critical components of the TSB series standard twin screw extruder, such as the barrel, screw elements, transmission case and connectors are produced by CNC machining centers.